Early Life With Us

Furman Boston Terrier’s?

    • Puppy has had stimuli touches from the tip of their ears between their toes on daily basis.
    • Weekly massages and sensory prolonged touches.
    • Each pup is given cuddle time on a human chest daily.
    • Pups are born and raised indoors with out family until weaning age.
    • Exposed to other dogs and cats

Our entire world revolves around our dogs and we gain great joy in being able to share it.


  • Early stimuli begins with us from birth.
  • Our pups associate human voices and touches as a great thing
  • Getting a truly wonderful dog, starts with getting the best pup.
  • Understanding pups past with help their future with you.
  • Clean, safe and happy 
  • This list could go on for days…




“We love them so much, we consider a gift to watch them grow up!”

five to eight Weeks Old


    • Has been taught to use a doggy door to go in and out of their enclosed indoor suite,
    • They have had two vaccinations and are now discovering shady cool grass and are being taught to come when called.
    • They follow us everywhere and learn to make longer eye contact when asking for attention instead of making noise.
    • Snuggle time independently from mother and litter mates is now understood
    • If names of pups are picked, they learn to come by name. If not, they learn to come by voice pitching



    • Our puppies are often quick to learn what they must know early on. It’s almost as if they came into the world with an understanding about humans and our frail needs. This is what makes a Boston, or rather the beginnings of a Boston Terrier such a life changing extraordinary adventure. Loving all dogs comes naturally to most animal loving people, but to coin a phrase, “ Once you go Boston, You don’t go back!” Is honestly true. Their natural abilities develop about the age of 4 weeks and begin with learning to interpret the people and world around them, all at incredible speed that is quite remarkable. They have an uncanny ability to predict what us humans want  and train us to see it their way. Sure, their being so dang cute puts us the disadvantage; but throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride.. with rules.. 


Choose Happy

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