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If you’re new to Boston’s or even new to all dog ownership, we hope our bits and bobs BTBlog will help you enjoy your dog adventures.

While we have over 51 years of dog ownership and 22 years of Boston Terrier breeding. We do not claim to know everything and these are just our experiences and recommendations.

Beginning Smart!

When bringing home your new puppy, there are some basic things that need to settled right away. Boston have a special way of convincing you that they are much too cute for rules, and their occasional naughty behavior is displayed just to make you laugh hysterically. Sometimes this is the case, and BT’s are famous for doing stuff just to get you to laugh.

However, let’s talk about how you can be the best BT owner possible, thereby getting them to be the best they can be.

Before bringing your new pup home, think about where the puppy is will reside for the first 2 weeks. Read more >