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If you’re new to Boston’s or even new to all dog ownership, we hope our bits and bobs BTBlog will help you enjoy your dog adventures.

While we have over 51 years of dog ownership and 22 years of Boston Terrier breeding. We do not claim to know everything and these are just our experiences and recommendations.

Beginning Smart!

When bringing home your new puppy, there are some basic things that need to settled right away. Boston have a special way of convincing you that they are much too cute for rules, and their occasional naughty behavior is displayed just to make you laugh hysterically. Sometimes this is the case, and BT’s are famous for doing stuff just to get you to laugh.

However, let’s talk about how you can be the best BT owner possible, thereby getting them to be the best they can be.

Before bringing your new pup home, think about where the puppy is will reside for the first 2 weeks.

Key Points

  • The location should be in a quiet part of the house, preferably on tile or linoleum.
  • During nighttime, the pup should not be placed in or near bedrooms where his/her nightly whines can stir a reaction out of humans.
    Sleeping Crate can be placed in a puppy playpen with newspaper/puppy pads covering floor and the crate containing the bed.
  • Food and water bowls should be placed nearest to the Crate and away from where the pup might potty.
  • Roughly around 4×4 area for the first week or two. Read more about potty training here. “Click here for about potty training. coming soon”
  • Try and take the pup out every couple hours supervised where their ultimate soiling place will be as they age in the first week.
  • Make sure pup has true alone time during awake times when they can hear you going about your things, but not responding to them when they bark or play loudly, no matter how cute they are.
  • By not responding, you are rewarding good independent time while they are quiet and settled. Try to avoid cooing or praising noises from afar.
  • Never feed the pups after 4 p.m. during winter months and after 6pm in warmer months. Remove any uneaten kiddles or treats at this time but fresh water shhould be left.
  • NEVER ever take your puppy out in public places until fully vaccinated (all 4 sets of puppy shots) read more here on boston care and maintenance.
    If your puppy cries, resist the urge to respond to him/her in any fashion. Wait until the puppy is quiet and calm before reacting in any way. Tha talso includes not talking at all to the pup when they are crying. by responding to them is encouraging them to bark unnaturally. BT’s are naturally quiet dogs. But that can easily change with an overly sensitive owner. This doesn’t mean responding to their genuine needs, nor ignoring when they need to go potty.
  • Provide your puppy with all different kinds of toys to entertain themselves. It’s critical that they learn to be confident on their own and when they have company, other dogs or humans.
  • This means they must have private playtime and a human must resist the urge to always be involved in every amazing adorable thing they do. Its a ploy!
  • They will train you to jump, walk, climb, hop and scoot to their daily whim in these first early weeks if this advise is not heeded! 🙂
  • Even if you have the joy of adopting two pups, they must spend time alone to be truly balanced dogs.
  • Its very important to keep them accustomed to bathing and getting their nails trimmed. Even if they do not need it, it’s a great idea to have a quiet time with a pair of nail trimmers and pretend to trim away. The same goes for bathing. Run some warm water and let them stand in it. Get a squeaky and make it into a water game.
  • Do not use shampoos or soaps more than once a month on their entire body. Excessive baths will cause dry flaky skin irritation.  
  • In the first 3 weeks of getting pups, they naturally follow you everywhere and the leash process is fairly simple, if started early. Be very careful not to accidentally step on them. It’s better to shuffle your barefoot feet along the ground while doing this.
  • This training should only be done by a capable adult. However, if a older child want do teach puppy to walk and follow off leash then they must practice this technique daily before going outside.
  • Its very important to get them use to a leash and collar early on. Tie a 6 foot leash to a belt loop while walking slowly around indoors in a quiet house and gently lead the puppy.
  • Calmly calling him by name name slowly, with a smile and pitch your voice higher toned with each successful jaunt. Make these lessons no longer than 15 minutes, several times a day in the first week.
  • BT’s are often very motivated by treats, toys and verbal and non verbal praise. However, each dog has their preferences and early exposure to a multitude of verbal sounds, toys, facial movements, body language and finally treats is a must.

Thank you for reading about “First Month Of your FBT Pup”


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