“We love where we are because we are loved for who are.”

ghost of times past

Where are we

Our home is nestled in giant redwood trees in sunny coastal Northern California. We share it with dogs, chickens and cats. Our story has many winding roads that led us to you.  Its important to know how we began our Boston Terrier family, not just what we know. This page is intended to take a small peek into who we are.

We hope you enjoy this journey with us. Because we would love to have you be a part of our bright future!


An Intrinsic Love for animals

Before Boston Terriers


I’ve always had a love for all animals, from the time I was a young child in a family that had dogs. I spent most of my childhood seeking out any and all dogs, birds, goats and horses and preferred spending time with them over people.  Growing up in early 70’s meant there was never a shortage of unwanted and needy pets. I made my it my life even at a young age to somehow better the lives of every single animal I came across!









Discovering Boston Terriers

Welcoming a new face as a old friend.

I began my research for the ideal pet while living in my tiny apartment that didn’t allow them.  I had always preferred large breed rescue dogs, but sneaking one of those in would have been impossible. However having a small pet that wasn’t a dog just wouldn’t do.

While daydreaming about puppies at a local park with my kids, a little  black and white “blur” dashed passed me. When he finally stopped to say hello, I got my first look at what turned out to be a handsome Boston Terrier named Harry.

Thinking about him makes me smile to this day because his expressive little face instantly pulled me out of the dark gloom I had been in for months being dogless. It was also the way his owner related to that little dog that filled my heart with hopeful joy. It reminded me of my childhood, when animals gave unspoken uncomplicated mutual respect and love to me and my family. It was as if the dog could understand exactly what we were talking about and clearly could add to the conversation. Harry was no ordinary dog, but also I had never met anyone who adored their dog with such bright and playful exuberance. The old man clearly felt  Harry was more like a human child than a dog (a concept that was  unheard of at that time, with the exception of a wide eyed dog lover such as me).

Could it have been that Harry was one of a kind? Was it possible that I wasn’t the only person who felt that animals could communicate deeply with an unspoken language? Or was this normal for the Boston Terrier breed as a whole? So many questions needed answers.

However, the idea of paying for any dog was new to me. I spent the next 4 months saving money to adopt my first Boston Terrier and this timely rare encounter left me determined to have lifetime of laughter, love and Joy with the Boston Terrier. 




The Leap Into Boston Terriers

Tragic Beginnings and Wonderful Starts

Annie did a running leap into my arms and stole my heart instantly. The rescuer lady explained that they had no past history on this beautiful girl, but suspected she had been a show dog at some point. 


She brought more than joy, love and laughter to our lives. She gave birth to 6 puppies, just a few weeks of adopting her! All the pups were little perfect images of her except for a half white faced pup I named Alice.


When the puppies were around 4 weeks old, I took the entire family to the vet for a well check. I carried the basket of wiggling delights into the office and turned around to get the mom from the closed car. My heart dropped when I reached the car, after being gone only a minute, to see the car door wide open! My dear Annie was stolen, for the door was closed when I went inside.


My heart aches for her to this day, but I had no time to mourn her disappearance; I had six beautiful pups to look after and bottle feed.




Our world revolves around our dogs. 

Windy Love