Furman Boston Terriers Guarantee!



At time of sale, seller states that this puppy is healthy to the best of their knowledge. Once the puppy leaves the seller’s premises, the puppy is under buyer’s control, and the puppy is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The said puppy has been vaccinated and de-wormed on a regular basis. We cannot guarantee that this puppy is anything but “Pet Quality”. No guarantee is made as to size, disposition, and conformation, working ability, or breeding ability. Notice of any problem with this puppy must be reported to seller within 72 hours of signed date under the terms and conditions below:


1) Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a currently practicing, reputable veterinarian within 72 hours from the time of purchase (Buyer will be responsible for this examination and any other charges incurred from this examination). A Veterinary examination report shall be completed and a copy shall be sent to the Seller immediately. Failure to return this written report within 72 hours of exam can VOID this contract. If this Veterinarian determines that there is a major problem (excluding internal or external parasites) with the puppy, Seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of Seller’s choice prior to an exchange being made. A replacement puppy/credit will be given and can be applied to any available current or future puppy. If the said puppy is found to be ill, but Buyer wishes to maintain ownership of said puppy, buyer then understands that Seller pays no vet bills and buyer assumes all responsibility for said puppy and no further guarantee can be offered. Initials _____


1a) puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours from the date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvovirus*, Corona, or Distemper as long as all terms of this contract have been followed. Buyer understands that if the puppy shows any signs of illness in the first 72-hour period he/she must take puppy to have a Veterinary examination at buyer’s expense and Seller must be notified.


2.) The puppy is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase against genetic defects, as long as all terms of this contract have been followed. Seller makes no guarantees against luxating patella or cherry eye, due to the fact that both conditions can be nutritionally and/or environmentally based. Puppy should never be placed on a raw diet nor a non-meat diet. This could be a factor in how the dog will develop and too much protein can cause major health issues in the Boston Terrier. 

Seller makes no guarantees regarding for allergies, internal parasites, demodex mange or dermatitis. Buyer understands that they are responsible for all vet bills incurred and seller must be notified within a 72- hour period after a licensed veterinarian has diagnosed any or all possible life- threatening genetic health related issues. Failure to do so could possibly make ALL guarantee’s void at Seller’s discretion. Initials _____


3) Seller recommends pet health insurance should be obtained for the 1st year of the puppy’s life.


4) If said puppy is not compatible for any reason, seller agrees to re home said puppy at no further expense to buyer. If the puppy becomes ill or dies within the 72-hour guarantee period, buyer should take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice for health or post-mortem autopsy at buyer’s expense. If the cause of death can be found and established as fault of seller, seller agrees to provide a replacement puppy from a future litter. No vet bills will be paid by seller.


When confirmation of a cause of death has been determined, buyer must contact seller immediately with the results. If seller desires to talk to the buyer’s veterinarian that determined the cause, buyer will arrange for this conversation to happen and if seller disagrees with buyer’s veterinarian, seller reserves the right to have the deceased puppy taken to a licensed veterinarian of seller’s choice and a second post mortem autopsy will be performed at the seller’s expense to determine if the two veterinarians agree. If the two veterinarians agree that the puppy died of natural causes of a warrantable condition, a replacement puppy will be provided to buyer.

Initials _____


5.) It will be the responsibility of the buyer to register their puppy if Akc registration is agreed upon in advance, otherwise the puppy is being sold as a “pet only”. AKC offers a “Pet only” program called “Pet Pals”. Any cost to do so is the responsibility of the buyer. Seller guarantees all papers, signatures, or information needed to do so if applicable. Initials _____


6.) If at any time in this puppy’s life, it is decided, you cannot or do not wish to keep/care for this puppy anymore, Buyer agrees to the following: 1.) DO NOT Surrender or take this puppy to a county shelter, Rescue ASPCA, or Humane Society 2.) Surrender or give the puppy to ANY animal rescue unless pre-authorized by FBT, Should the need to re-home said puppy should arise Buyer AGREES to make contact via telephone with Furman’s Funny Farm and via email at magurouni@gmail.com prior to selling, giving or surrendering the puppy to anyone else. Furman’s Funny Farm agrees to take custody of the Dog/Puppy and will maintain ownership until a suitable new home can be found. Buyer MUST disclose or declare any injuries, illnesses, behavior issues, and harmful or contagious diseases. Buyer must return ALL registration papers, health records, vet documentation, etc., when returning the puppy to the Seller. Initials _____


Buyer understands that said puppy might and could have Coccidian and/or Guardia, which are both micro-parasites and may need to be treated in addition to regular worming until said puppy’s system can help manage micro-parasites. Seller has made every effort to treat all types of parasites, but Buyer also understands that without proper treatment puppy could become sick with these parasites.




Purchase Receipt

Furman‘s Boston Terriers has received $_______________ for the purchase of 1 (one) PET standard Purebred Boston Terrier. The above guarantee must be followed and the buyer agrees to take Puppy to vet within 72 hours from this agreed contract. Buyer also understands that it is their responsibility to provide further preventative maintenance (vaccinations, de-worming, topicals, etc.), for internal and external, micro, small, and large parasites for their puppy on a regular basis as prescribed by their chosen vet.


NuVet 800-474-7044 Breeder Number#00372


As per this contract, we STRONGLY recommend that the buyer purchase dog health insurance at least for the first 6 months of the puppy’s life. https://www.24petwatch.com


This contract it final and all guarantees, agreements, and terms of the sale of this puppy between Seller and Buyer. This agreement is made and entered into in the State of California and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this State. 


By signing below, both parties are bound by this contractual agreement: